Friday, 23 October 2015

Happy Birthday, BYB Hub

On October 24th, the Bleeding Yankee Blue Hub will celebrate its first anniversary. While many of you may still will be unfamiliar with the concept, it has played a big part in some of my most successful articles here at Suicide Squeezin', and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody involved, and wish them luck in developing the network even further.

My first experiences with the BYB Hub came during research for this piece on the universal popularity of the Yankees' brand. I was able to interview some influential Yankee fans, experts and writers after initially reaching out to the Hub, and their insights are what made that article one of my most popular yet.

The piece was later featured on the BYB home page, where it received tremendous exposure and was welcomed extremely well by Yankee fans. I gained many Twitter followers through that piece, and struck up some truly brilliant conversations about the Yankees and baseball in general. I've made some great working relationships through the BYB Hub. But, more importantly, I've made some terrific acquaintances, and developed strong bonds with like-minded people.

Essentially, the BYB Hub is an opportunity for bloggers to share their work and gain greater exposure, by agreeing to cross-promote and have their articles displayed on the network. It is a great proving ground for new baseball writers to get their blogs off the ground and generate a real buzz about articles they're proud of, such as my project on the Yankees' brand.

If you're a baseball writer keen to get involved, don't hesitate to contact the BYB Hub through the main site. Moreover, if you're just a reader with specific interest in baseball, head over to the Hub, where you'll find a wealth of passionate and intelligent articles on a variety of subjects, from a slew of different perspectives.

Give the Hub a chance. I guarantee it will be a welcome addition to your baseball experience.

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